Some highway exits to be renamed in Wareham

Sep 29, 2020

Expect your GPS to sound a bit different when approaching Wareham from the highway this October. Beginning later in the month, exit signs along I-195, I-495, and Rte. 25 will be changed to a mile-marker based system as part of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation Exit Renumbering Project. 

As required by the Federal Highway Administration, all MassDOT-owned highways will soon feature mile-based exit numbers instead of the sequential system currently in place. Whatever the mile number is nearest to the exit will become the number on the sign.

Because both 1-495 and Rte 25 begin in Wareham, some of those exits will not be renamed as the exit number already matched the mile marker.

On I-195, exit 21 will become exit 39, and exits 22A/B will become exits 40A/B. 

Exits 1 and 2 on I-495 will not be renamed. 

On Rte. 25, exit 1 will not be renamed, but exit 2 will become exit 3.

90% of the project’s funding comes from federal funding, with the other 10% coming from state highway funds. 

According to MassDOT, the new system “allows drivers to determine distances to destinations” and “improves reporting of highway incidents, resulting in better navigation of emergency services.” 

For more information on the project, as well as an interactive map showing all the affected exits in the state, visit