Salvation Army says goodbye to East Wareham

Jun 26, 2019

The Salvation Army on Cranberry Highway will shut its doors for good on Saturday.

Spokesperson Captain Mark Ferreira said that the store does not have enough customers to support a store that size.

It’s mostly because retail has been changing in Wareham, particularly since Walmart moved in across town,” Ferreira said.

Ferreira said that the Salvation Army is actively looking for another, smaller location in Wareham.

“We’re sorry that we haven’t found one yet,” Ferreira said.

Everything in the store will be on sale for 75 percent off through the end of the week, as the organization is hoping to minimize the amount of merchandise that has to be moved.

Ferreira emphasized that although there have been several Salvation Army store closings recently, that isn’t a sign of trouble at the organization.

“It’s not that the Salvation Army is struggling or rolling up retail operations, but we’re trying to make better use of what we have,” Ferreira explained, noting that second-hand retail has very tight margins. He said that some of the staff who were eligible will be taking retirement, and those who wanted them found positions at other Salvation Army locations.

“It’s sad to see this store go,” said Wareham resident Lory Haden, who was shopping for deals on Tuesday. Haden said that she liked shopping at the Salvation Army for home decor items, which are very expensive at other stores.

Some customers were exploring the store for the first time during its last week.

“This is actually my first time shopping here,” said Amelia Maier, of East Wareham, who has donated clothing to the store in the past. “Even though I donated my old clothes that I did not need anymore, I felt like I was doing something good for the community. I think this is what the Salvation Army is all about — it gives positive emotions to both the customer and the ones who donates the clothes.”

A new store will be opening in Taunton in the early fall, but for now, the closest stores to Wareham are in Bridgewater, Hanover, and West Yarmouth.

The store will not be taking donations this week. Those who would like to donate can bring items to other stores, or schedule a pick-up by calling 1-800-SATRUCK or going to