Preservation of Tremont Nail Co. signs in the works

Jan 14, 2022

The Community Preservation Committee is working fast to take down the Tremont Nail Factory signs so they can be preserved.

At first, it was thought that Municipal Maintenance could remove the signs, but the department may not have the necessary equipment to do so safely. 

At a Jan. 12 meeting, member Sandy Slavin suggested using administrative funds to pay for the signs’ removal, which Chair Joan Kinniburgh said had also been suggested by Town Administrator Derek Sullivan.

The signs have been damaged in recent storms. 

“We don’t have six months to wait,” Slavin said.

Kinniburgh said that she would look into whether it was possible for the committee to use administrative fees for this project, and said she’d already gotten a list of companies that would be qualified to restore the signs once they have been removed.