Police Department welcomes comfort dog

Mar 7, 2024

The Wareham Police Department has announced Lexi, a specially trained comfort dog, as the newest addition to its team. 

“Lexi’s role is to provide emotional support and comfort to the citizens of Wareham, particularly to our students,” read a Police Department press release. “Lexi will be present in our schools daily and will be available during stressful situations. Lexi will also assist in community engagement events and will be on hand to also offer comfort to our police officers.”

“We’re excited to welcome Lexi, a therapy dog, as our newest member of the Viking family,” the Wareham High School posted on its Facebook page. 

The Police Department said Lexi will be involved in education and therapy, including helping students with disabilities improve communication and fine motor skills. The dog will also support the mental and emotional well-being of the Police Department’s officers, and help build stronger connections between the department and the community at large. 

“With Lexi joining our ranks, we are taking a significant step forward in promoting mental health, enhancing community engagement and fostering a compassionate environment for all,” read the press release. 

Plymouth County District Attorney Tim Cruz awarded the Wareham Police Department with a mini-grant for the comfort dog. Cruz developed the Plymouth County Comfort Dogs Program with a goal of providing each police agency in Plymouth County with a comfort dog. 

Juvenile Detective and School Resource Officer Karl Baptiste will be Lexi’s handler.