Parkwood Beach Association seeks former residents for 100th anniversary bash

Jan 9, 2023
Parkwood Beach residents are looking forward to the summer of 2023, when there will be celebrations and throwbacks to the Parkwood Beach traditions of yesteryear. 
The Parkwood Beach Association stands as one of the oldest associations established in Wareham. It was formed in 1923 by the Henry Brown Development Corporation of Brockton. The beach was originally known as Barney’s Point, and as early as 1925, there were 272 original lot owners.
Throughout the years, the Association has hosted many activities, including weekly children’s parties, teen dances, Fourth of July block parties, whist parties, neighborhood baseball games and Labor Day Field Day events. 
Plans for the 2023 Celebration include memorial dedications and a Gala Reunion. There will also be a 100th Anniversary Commemorative Booklet, with a calendar of events, a brief history of Parkwood Beach and personal pages. Those who would like to help sponsor the event with a personal or business congratulatory message to be included in the booklet can email the committee for details. A variety of anniversary merchandise will also be available for sale this spring.

If any former Parkwood Beach residents are looking to reconnect for this 100th Year Celebration, email or call Jane Donahue at 508-295-1544.