Opinion: The town needs to enforce its earth removal bylaws

Oct 12, 2021
To the Editor:
I am writing in support of the warrant article scheduled for October 25 relating to earth removal by AD Makepeace from the town.  
AD Makepeace CEO Jim Kane promised the citizens of Wareham a full accounting of all the sand removed from one of its Tihonet Road sand extraction projects, but he has never followed through on this commitment. Why has this accounting not been forthcoming, and why hasn’t the town insisted on a full accounting? I expect this failure to follow through could be costing the town significant revenue - unless AD Makepeace can prove all of the hundreds of thousands of cubic yards of sand it extracted from Wareham has been used solely for normal agricultural work on its own bogs.
Is the town’s financial situation suddenly so strong that it can allow large corporations a free pass from the regulatory and permit scrutiny and verification to which everyone else is subjected?  And when AD Makepeace claims it uses the sand for its own purposes are they referring to transferring sand to its industrial sand pit – soil mixing operation?
I believe an independent audit of earth removal from Wareham by AD Makepeace is long overdue and should be undertaken forthwith.  
George Ekman