Opinion: A thank you from the Rose Room

Dec 15, 2023

To the editor:

This letter is to express my gratitude to the Onset Bay Association and all the people who helped organize The Christmas in the Village stroll on Saturday. Britt Rose and I, Jennifer DuBerger, from The Rose Room felt tremendous support from the Wareham and Onset community!

We had Tina Pittsley from D & T Photography taking free photos for families and dogs. We handed out positive affirmation prints, hot chocolate and roses. We also had new clients coming in for readings during the event.

It filled our hearts with joy to see so many families and dogs enjoying and receiving a Rose Room experience. I want to thank our talented photographer Tina for her generosity, creative energy and her magical way with kids and dogs.

A special thank you to Sue Ann Murley, Jeanette Geribo and Kat Jones for putting this all together and the beautification crew for decorating our window boxes with such love! We had about 100 people come see our meditation space, everyone including their dogs were kind and a pleasure to interact with!

The Rose Room is expanding and growing, we offer 1:1 Healing and Reading Sessions for Holistic Wellness. We host special events every week such as the Healer’s Share, Peace on Earth Solstice Celebration, Ladies Spa Night In, Heart of Gold Breath Class and so much more to come! If you would like to get involved we are always looking for other holistic practitioners, teachers, and creatives. To see our event schedule please see our website or fill out a contact form to reach us.

Britt Rose and I, Jennifer DuBerger, are very grateful to be a part of the Onset community and we hope to be here for a long time spreading healing and love. 

Thank you, 

Jennifer DuBerger