Opinion: Thank you from the Notos Group

Apr 13, 2021

To the residents of Wareham:

The Notos Group wishes to thank Wareham residents for the privilege of participating in your debate about the future of the town.  We are grateful to each and every supporter of the rezoning article who literally stood up to be counted, even when it wasn’t easy.  We are especially thankful for the leadership demonstrated by the Board of Selectmen, Planning Board, Finance Committee and Redevelopment Authority in understanding and advancing the economic benefits of the site.  They are fierce advocates for the town and made that clear to us throughout the debate.

We also wish to congratulate the Wareham Tigers for the passage of two Town Meeting articles that bring them closer to their goal of establishing their own facilities and fields.  The Tigers are a great organization and we count them among the many friends we have made in Wareham over the past several months.

Thank you again.


Tom O’Connell

Founder and Managing Member

The Notos Group