Opinion: Opposition to proposed rezoning east of Glen Charlie Road

Apr 5, 2021

To the Editor:

I am writing to express my opposition to the proposal by a developer to amend Wareham’s Zoning Bylaw to re-zone 756 acres east of Glen Charlie Road from residential zoning to a new “Hospitality, Recreational and Entertainment Overlay District.”
My main personal concern is that the zoning by-law change being proposed by the Notos Group poses a threat to the water quality and quantity of Red Brook, thereby threatening Red Brook’s unique salter brook trout, an important regional coldwater resource in Wareham. Additionally, and critically, the impact on the aquifer will pressure the quality of Wareham’s municipal water supply.
I have been following public discussions on the matter and the concerns and arguments advanced by those opposing the change are very persuasive and have not been addressed by the developers, who remain intentionally vague on their plans for the property in question.
I strongly support a NO vote at Wareham Town Meeting on April 10.
Michael Howard