Opinion: Letter for our Jewish Community

Jun 4, 2024

To the editor:

In Deuteronomy: 31:6 it is written:

Be strong and be brave! Do not be afraid of those people who mean you harm because the Lord your God goes with you. He will always be there to help you. He will never leave you!

We are all Americans. As Americans we believe that all people have certain “inalienable rights,” including not having to worry about living in a constant state of fear. 

We want our fellow Americans in the Jewish Community, especially, those living in Wareham, to know that many people in our town support you. We state:

Absolutely no one in our country should be targeted for God-given rights to worship the way he or she believes.

You are not alone in fighting this heinous discrimination and persecution. 

May God open the eyes of all those who are so blind that they cannot see, nor understand the infamy of their actions!

Our entire committee has approved this letter and supports you.


Mark Swain, chair

Ginny Marshall, secretary

Republican Town Committee of Wareham