The onset of Easter: Onset hosts Easter egg hunt

Mar 31, 2024

Competition got fierce at the annual Onset Bay Association’s Easter egg hunt, with the first row of kids sprinting after the eggs before the countdown was halfway through. 

“8,000 eggs gone in two minutes — a new record,” said association president Kat Jones. 

One group of kids came in “one minute late” and already there were no eggs left, said Victoria Chick. 

However, plenty of children big and small still came away with their baskets full. 

“When I get my candy, I’m going to give all my candy to the Easter Bunny,” said Jonathan Ziewacz, before the rush. He clarified that he would only give out one of his sweet treats. 

Mikaela York and Amanda Skiffington attended the event as grown-up kids. 

“You’re never too old to have fun,” according to York, who said she would donate her candy to her preschool class.