Middle School students secure March honors

Apr 3, 2024

Wareham Middle School has announced its students of the month for March. 

MaKenna Diede earned student of the month honors for the fifth grade. Teachers called her “a very kind and good hearted young lady,” “a conscientious student who is always willing to lend a helping hand” and “a wonderful part of our class and team.”

“In addition to how she treats her peers and the adults at school, she always tries her best when tackling a project, or an assignment. When having to work in a group, she contributes her fair share and has a positive impact  on the group she is working with,” one teacher said. 

Kali Beane was named student of the month for the sixth grade. Teachers said Beane “is always willing to help out in the classroom,” “is an incredibly dedicated and hardworking student” and “is kind and caring to other students.”

“She always takes her projects to the next level and is able to think outside of the box. I am excited to see what she will come up with next. Kali is an absolute pleasure to have in class,” said one teacher. 

Jaidyn Zamprogne earned student of the month honors for the seventh grade. Teachers said Zemprogne “pays attention to details, is an active participant in class,” he “takes pride in his work” and “is a very smart student who is kind to others and is well-respected by his peers.”

“Jaidyn has a good attitude every day, arrives prepared to work, and gives his best effort. He is supportive of his peers and contributes positively in class,” said one teacher.