Middle School crowns Students of the Month

May 7, 2024

The Wareham Middle School has announced its Students of the Month for the months of April. 

Peyton Rivera is the April Student of the Month for the Fifth Grade. 

“Peyton is a constant source of positivity and kindness in the classroom,” said one teacher. Other teachers called her “an absolute joy to have in class,” “a quiet and thoughtful student,” and “a remarkable student” who “always puts forth her best effort, in everything she does.”

Talia Fernandes is the April Student of the Month for the Sixth Grade. 

Teachers called Talia “one of the hardest-working and conscientious students I have ever had,” a helpful, hardworking” student and “a student who always strives to do her best.” “When she enters the room, the environment is improved just because of her presence with her smile and upbeat personality.”

Adriana Raymond is the April Student of the Month for the Seventh Grade. 

Adriana is a “fantastic student” who “is always respectful to adults and other students,” said teachers. They said “Adriana is an absolute delight to have in class, and I will truly miss her next year,” and is “kind, compassionate and always ready to learn new things.”