Marijuana growing, processing company hopes to open on Cranberry Highway

Nov 10, 2020

A duo of businessmen hope to open a new marijuana cultivation and processing company called Trava in Jordan Plaza at 3119 Cranberry Highway.
The entrepreneurs, Vladimir Georgiev and Krzysztof Sadlowski, currently co-own the V and K Smoke Shop in Quincy, which they say has given them plenty of experience working within a tightly regulated industry.

Georgiev was born and raised in Bulgaria and came to the United States for college in 1999. Over the years, he has earned a law degree, and for a time ran a company that helped immigrants obtain visas and housing.

Sadlowski was born in Poland and earned a master’s degree there. He immigrated to the United States in 2003 with hopes to run his own business.

Trava, Georgiev explained, is an Americanized spelling of the Polish and Bulgarian word for grass.

The pair have brought in experts to supplement their general business knowledge. 

A consulting company, FTG Technologies, will help the owners establish the comprehensive security system mandated by Massachusetts law, including cameras surveilling the entire exterior of the building, multiple security systems, and alarms on every window and door.

Tom Tweed, who has been growing cannabis in Massachusetts since it was legalized, will be the director of cultivation for the company.

Phil Silverman, who led a community impact presentation for the company on Nov. 10, is a lawyer with Vicente Sederberg, a national law firm that works exclusively with cannabis companies.

The company would be located in the middle, two-floor unit at Jordan Plaza. On the upper floor, plants will be grown to maturity -- a process that takes roughly four or five months. Harvested plants will be processed downstairs.

Trava will likely sell flower as well as some manufactured products like oils or edibles. Silverman said that the company will continue to keep an eye on which products are in high demand when its doors open. Right now, there’s a high demand for everything cannabis in the state.

The company plans to employ roughly 10 to 15 people, and has plenty of parking on site to accommodate that many employees. All employees will undergo background checks and be at least 21 years old, as required by state law.

Trava is currently at the beginning of the Cannabis Control Commission’s licensing process, and Silverman said he hopes to soon begin negotiating a Host Community Agreement with the town. The agreement will include provisions like a community impact fee and measures to make sure the business will not negatively impact the community.

Silverman said the company hopes to open its doors in about a year.