Local restauranteurs to open coastal eatery in Marion

Feb 19, 2023

Marc and Bree Swierkowski, the owners of Ella’s Wood Burning Oven, want to make one thing perfectly clear: Just because they are opening a new restaurant, Cast Seaside Bites and Bar in Marion, does not mean they are closing Ella’s.

“I think some people in the community think we are closing Ella’s,” Bree said. “But we’re not planning on that.”

The Swierkowskis plan on splitting their time between the two restaurants, with support from their staff.

“If I'm not visible in one location, then Mark is going to be there,” Bree said. “One of us will always be at one of the locations.”

The Swierkowskis have been in the restaurant business for 14 years. They opened Ella’s, which was named after their daughter, in 2008.

“We felt like the type of restaurant we wanted to open was something that was missing in [Wareham],” Bree said.

Ella’s menu is based around its namesake oven.

“We hope that every dish in some way is kissed by either the wood grill or the oven itself,” said Swierkowski.

Cast’s menu will go in a different direction, serving raw, locally-sourced, “Latin-style” seafood.

“My husband's dream has always been to open a restaurant that focuses on fresh seafood,” Bree said. “We really want to focus on as much as we can sustainable fish and supporting the local fishing and oyster community.”

Bree said that Marion has already welcomed Cast with open arms, with over 30 residents standing with her while she received a liquor license from the Select Board.

“It was overwhelming to see all the people who came out to support it,” she said.

She described Cast’s atmosphere as “coastal and bright,” featuring an outdoor lounge area.

The Swierkowskis plan to honor the history of eateries that once called the 7 Cottage St. location home.

Petersen’s Ice Cream operated out of the building until its closing in the 1970s.

“We were fortunate to find some old ice cream turners in the basement that have the Petersen’s logo on them,” Bree said. “So you'll see some of those items throughout the bookcases and decorations in the restaurant.”