Drink to your health at Good Life Nutrition in Wareham

Mar 13, 2019

Caramel Cookie Crumble, Peanut Butter Oreo, Coconut Macaroon, MilkyWay, and Snickers - the menu at the newly-opened Good Life Nutrition smoothie bar in Wareham reads like a bakery or a candy store; but while the flavors may be sinful, the shakes are not.

Each drink contains only 200 to 250 calories and about 10 grams of sugar. And, as an added bonus, each drink offers 17 grams of protein and 21 grams of vitamins and minerals.

“Here, in each serving, you are getting all the recommended daily nutrients that you would need in a full meal,” said Good Life Nutrition co-owner Mary Good.

After working together at a health food store, Healthy Vibes, Plympton and Plymouth residents Mary Good and Fernanda Pallai decided to collaborate and open their own business.

In February, they began serving their own plant-based protein shakes at 170 Main Street. Good Life Nutrition is the first smoothie bar and meal replacement shop to open in Wareham.

Although bearing enough nutritional knowledge, Good and Pallai did not have business experience prior to opening the bar. After relying on their savings, help of family members and people of Wareham, they quickly grasped the concept of the food industry.

“My husband built the bar and all the menu boards, which was a huge help for us,” said Pallai. “Of course, we had to get electrician, plumber and other services, but getting help from family and friends saved us a lot of money.”

The current menu boasts 30 flavors and features new shake each week. As Good explained, the concept of the bar is to help people lose weight by satisfying their cravings with a healthier alternative.

“We use a variety of flavors to recreate the taste of a specific candy or a desert,” said Good. “Cookies are what most people crave. But instead of getting a whole cookie, you’re getting a shake that tastes just like the cookie but has fewer calories and much more microelements.”

When customers order a protein shake at Good Life Nutrition, they first receive an aloe shot for better digestion followed by an energizing tea, which burns up the calories and supports nutrient absorption.

Besides the healthy add-ons, Good Life Nutrition serves its shakes with a side of hospitality, welcoming customers to mix and mingle even without purchasing anything.

“We love Wareham, it is a town full of wonderful and helpful people,” said Pallai. “And we want to let people know that our café is a place for people to enjoy themselves, hang-out and meet new faces. Even if you are not getting your shake, we still want you to feel comfortable and welcomed.”

Good Life Nutrition has fostered a strong sense of community for staff members and customers alike. As one of the regular visitors, Jody Rose noted, she comes here to not only buy the drinks but also enjoy good company.

“Excellent and welcoming stuff is one of the things that makes me want to come here,” said Rose. “And of course, I love a large variety of flavors. I’ve come here four times and I always try a new drink.”

Good Life Nutrition will host a grand opening during the last week of March, featuring fun activities including face painting, raffles, and a possible puppet show. More information about the event will follow.