Do you recognize these kids?

Mar 22, 2023

Do you recognize the children in these 70-year-old pictures? Perhaps you’re one of them. 

Reader Bob Morrison submitted these photos from his elementary school days in Wareham. 

The first photo shows a class at the East Wareham School on Depot Street during the 1951-52 school year. Morrison is the boy in the top row, furthest to the right.

Thanks to Leo Venuti, the smiling girl to the far right of the third row has been identified as Venuti’s aunt Patricia Gomes. Gomes died in 2008 at age 65.

Bette St. Germaine identified to two leftmost boys on the top row as her husband Butch and his “buddy” Chip Hammond. Butch and Chip will be turning 79 this year.

The second photo shows a class at the Hammond School in Onset in 1950. Morrison is the rightmost boy in the back row. 

A second boy in this photo has been identified, thanks to local resident Dotty Pipher. The boy whose head is poking out behind the boy with dark hair on the left side of the photo is her father, William “Bill” Hodge. Hodge lived in Onset his whole life, and was captain of the Onset Fire District at the time of his death in 2008 at age 65. Coming from a long line of firefighters, his great grandfather was Onset’s first fire chief.

The third photo shows a class at the East Wareham School in 1953. Morrison is seated in the front row, furthest to the right. 

If you have any information about the kids in these photos, email