Decas School coyote rescued by Department of Natural Resources

Nov 22, 2020

The mangy little coyote frequently spotted eating fallen apples outside the John W. Decas School was carefully rescued by the Department of Natural Resources on Thursday.

Community members and Natural Resources officers had been concerned about the little animal for some time, but many previous attempts to humanely trap the animal had been unsuccessful.

At night, the critter was often seen exploring Wareham Crossing.

Luckily, an officer spotted the animal sleeping in a pile of hay. The wind rustling the trees was enough to cover the sound of the officer quietly approaching and netting the animal.

The animal was carefully put in a dog crate and brought to the Cape Wildlife Center, where veterinarians will give the coyote an exam and, hopefully, begin treatments to help it regain its health.

The department promised to share the coyote’s rehabilitation if possible.