Decas presents annual Talent show

May 12, 2019

Complicated gymnastics routines, songs by soloists and duets, lively dances, piano pieces, thought-provoking poetry, and a couple of funny skits were among the highlights of the John W. Decas Elementary school’s annual Talent Show on May 10.

Coordinated by parent Maritta Milne and second-grade teacher Macee Doyle, the two-hour long show was enjoyed by a full auditorium of relatives and friends of the students and school.

“Sometimes it is kids’ first time being on stage, and it is an amazing opportunity for them,” said Milne. “Every child deserves to be on the stage to show their talent and we are so happy that so many people came today to support them.”

To kick off the show,  Nassira Franciseo and Lily Woodside entertained the crows with their original musical theatre dance accompanied by Nat King Cole’s “Straighten Up & Fly Right” song, much to the delight of the students.

“We have been preparing our dance since August, and we were really excited to show what we can do,” said Franciseo. “When you dance, you get to learn about new things, and I explore new emotions in different styles.”

Sixty-five students performed. Many showed off their gymnastics and dancing skills. Other acts included soloists, pianists, stand-up comedians, and a puppeteer.

London Hicks, who sang “Invisible” by Anna Clendening with Madisyn Wenhold, said the song resonates with her feelings and brings up different emotions.

“Singing makes me happy, especially because I can do it with my friend,” said Hicks. “I have been singing for about four years, but I hope to learn to be less scared in front of the audience.”  

After completing their performance, students received a glittery mesh squick ball and a coupon for a free Taco Bell kids meal. Guests could also enjoy free pizza, cookies, donuts, soda, and popcorn, donated by various vendors, including Shaw’s, Stop & Shop, and Panera Bread.

The meticulous preparation for the talent show began in March. Many Decas and Minot school teachers collaborated together and worked overtime to organize the event.

“This wouldn't be possible without so many people that helped,” said Milne. “It is amazing that our teachers spend with our children all day long and then they still find time to help pull this event together. We really appreciate all the teachers and we thank them for all the hard work they put in.”