Candidate profile: Ronald Besse for Select Board

Apr 5, 2022

Ronald Besse stretches his time across several municipal committees, his soon-to-open printing business and his five children.

Besse currently serves on the Conservation Commission, Open Space Committee, Solar Bylaw Committee and the board of the Wareham Tigers. A retail manager about to open his own custom printing business, Besse has five kids — four of whom are current students at Wareham Public Schools.

He says one of the biggest issues facing the town is the future of solar development, and where it should be allowed to be built in town.

“We’re dealing with what’s the right place, the wrong place, how big, how small,” Besse said. As part of the Solar Bylaw Committee, he helped develop the solar bylaw that will be up for a vote at the April 25 Town Meeting. That law is an overhaul of the town’s current guidelines regulating solar.

“If we pass it at Town Meeting, we have to wait for the Attorney General,” he said. “We’re doing our best and putting our best foot forward.”

He says he has a passion for supporting the town’s young people, who he describes as “the future of our town.”

Besse said that there aren’t many programs for youth in town, and he said supporting the programs that do exist is vital. His aim, he said, is to help support programs that help students grow, and help make the town an appealing place for them to stay. 

“If we can just open our ears and open our eyes and listen to what’s being asked, [we can] figure out how we can help these programs,” Besse said. The town could support youth programs through developing new fields, revitalizing existing fields, or offering grants to cover the cost of equipment, he suggested. 

Another of Besse’s priorities is protecting the town’s natural resources, he said. 

“Regardless of the outcome of a vote, my biggest thing is I just want people to come out and vote — whether you're voting for me or one of my opponents,” Besse said. “Regardless of whether I win or lose, I am here for Wareham now and in the future.”

Besse said that if he’s elected, he hopes residents can feel comfortable coming to him with concerns.

“I don’t want people to feel like they can’t talk to me or a fellow Select Board member,” Besse said. “We need to be as available as we can be.”

For more about Besse, search for “Ronald Besse for Selectman” on Facebook or email