The calm before the storm: Overcast skies don’t daunt pickleballers

Jul 6, 2024

Overcast skies in the morning of Saturday, July 6 turned to showers around noon, putting a damper on Wareham’s mid-day plans.

Before the rain set in, the courts of Onset rang with the rhythmic impacts of a nice round of pickleball.

Roughly 20 people rotated between the nets, getting in a few volleys while the weather held.

Pickleballer (and crossing guard) Michael Sadeck said the group plays every weekend in the mornings, as well as Tuesday and Thursday nights.

The sport of pickleball is “getting bigger and bigger” in Wareham, Sadeck said, adding that both the people who played and the courts they played on were great.

Jake Aronson had come down from South Boston to visit his mother, but managed to get some time in on the courts.

“Pickleball is beautiful,” said Aronson, emphasizing how it brings people together. He had met his match partner, Sylvia Cook, just that morning.

Cook said she got into pickleball right before Covid hit — at that time, with little else to do, she was able to play the game outside, she said.