Building Commissioner ‘couldn’t be happier’ to return to Wareham position

Jan 12, 2021

David Riquinha returned to his role as Wareham Building Commissioner in November 2020, after about a year and a half as Dartmouth Building Commissioner.

Prior to leaving for the position in Dartmouth, Riquinha had worked in Wareham for about two and a half years.

Riquinha said he “couldn’t be happier” to be back in town.

When the opportunity to return to Wareham came up, he said he took it because his time in town had been great.

Riquinha said he went to Dartmouth for convenience reasons.

In March 2019, he cited the desire to work closer to home and family as a reason for taking the Dartmouth job. But it “didn’t work out that way,” he said.

Since the coronavirus pandemic started, Riquinha said he has been as busy as ever.

“Building inspectors, commissioners and construction in general — we’ve been working the whole way through,” Riquinha said. “It’s been an interesting year.”

Riquinha also praised the leadership in Wareham, saying the people in town were like a family.

“People are happy here,” he said. “Their attitudes are always very positive, for the most part. It’s a welcoming place to be when you work here.”

Before working in Wareham, Riquinha spent two years working as Building Commissioner in Harwich.