Athletic director reviews fall sports

Jan 10, 2020

High School Athletic Director Ed Rodrigues presented the accomplishments of student-athletes in his fall 2019 report to the school committee on Thursday night.

The overall grade point average earned by the 141 students, including 28 eighth graders, who participated in Wareham High School sports in the fall of 2019 was a 88.2, and all of the school's sports teams collectively scored GPAs between 80.5 and 90.7. The school's field hockey team members earned overall a 90.5 GPA; its 23-member boys soccer team scored 90.7. Both are equivalent to an A grade.

"I am shocked and amazed by these scores," Rodrigues said in response to school committee members' praise of his department's accomplishments. "And we're talking just 141 kids here.  I'm excited about that. And I hope it will continue for years to come."

In the fall, the Volleyball team received the Team Conference Sportsmanship Award, and the Field Hockey team won two state tournament championships.

The season’s operating cost was $114,145, including supplies, annual bills, transportation, coaches and custodial help.  Revenue from user fees totaled $12,175.

The teams also kept busy with community service and fundraising work, as follows:

Boys Soccer:  Team members cleaned up Lopes Park and housing development, raised funds for SNAP online;

Field Hockey:  participated in five weekends of a youth clinic for ages five-12 with 25 participants, and played a breast cancer awareness game; held a food drive at Shaw’s;

Football: Bought Christmas gifts for underprivileged children;

Girls Soccer:  Participated in a Breast cancer awareness game, donated to breast cancer research;

Volleyball: Elementary and middle school youth clinic;

Cheerleading: The team helped out the Junior Viking Cheerleading Squad; Fundraising included a Bake Sale, a Car Wash and a Youth Cheerleading Clinic.

In other statistics:

Boys Soccer:

Overall GPA: 90.7;

23 athletes;

Overall record:  2-16;

League record:  0-14;

Field Hockey:

GPA: 90.5;

10 athletes;

Overall record: 10-9-2;

League record: 4-6-2;


GPA:  80.5;

23 athletes;

Overall record:  4-6;

League record:  1-3;

Girls Soccer:

GPA: 90.2;

27 Athletes;

Overall record: 4-14;

League record:  0-14;


GPA:  90.4;

30 Athletes;

Overall Record:  2-16;

League:  1-13;

Cheerleading (Football):

GPA:  85.3;

9 Athletes