Aspen Blue could bring manufacturing back to Tremont Nail next year

Jul 14, 2021

Aspen Blue Cultures — the cannabis company planning to open a manufacturing facility in the steel building at the Tremont Nail Factory — will be equipped with the Ferrari of odor mitigation systems, project engineer Frank Zaino said at a July 13 community outreach meeting.

Matt Wilkes, the company’s chief business officer, said that Aspen Blue staff work to exceed standards across the board — not just when it comes to containing odor. 

“Every piece of the company, we take very seriously,” said Wilkes. “We’re really excited to get to the next stage.”

Aspen Blue has signed both a host community agreement and a lease with the town, which owns the Tremont Nail facility. The company still needs to complete the Cannabis Control Commission licensing process before it can begin operations — likely in early 2022.

The steel building will be used for processing cannabis, whether to be sold as flower, extract, or in another form. No retail sales or cannabis cultivation will be conducted on-site.

The site is one of seven proposed Aspen Blue facilities. Adult-use stores are planned for Attleboro, Charlton and Wellfleet. Cultivation and manufacturing facilities are planned for Attleboro, Mashpee Wareham, and Charlton. 

Wilkes said he expects about 15 staff to work at the Wareham site. 

Traffic to the building should be minimal, Wilkes said. The largest truck to visit the facility would be a 20-foot box truck, and that would be occasional — once or twice per day, and not every day. 

Zaino said that plans for the building’s exterior have not yet been finalized, and will be decided in conversation with the master planner for the overall Tremont Nail site. 

“It won’t be a big, ugly metal building,” Zaino said.

Marco Palombo, the vice-president of security operations, said that the facility’s security system would go above and beyond the extensive security measures required by state law. Palombo, a former Police Chief, said that “every inch” of the building’s interior and exterior will be monitored by security cameras, among other measures.

“We want to be great neighbors,” Wilkes said. “We want to be a great part of the community.”

In addition to the 3 percent of revenues that will be paid to the town as required by the host community agreement, the company will donate $25,000 each year to a local charitable cause or organization. Wilkes said that cause would be chosen through conversations with town officials.