12-year-old singer, multi-instrumentalist hits Main Street in Wareham this holiday season

Nov 24, 2018

A 12-year-old busker is earning cash for family Christmas gifts, spreading cheer and honing his craft on Main Street this holiday season.

Singer and multi-instrumentalist Dylan Cournoier started playing drums three years ago. Since then, the Wareham Middle School student has taught himself guitar, bass and piano. He started performing in public this summer, playing the same three songs over and over again on Main Street. He’s expanded his musical vocabulary since.

On Saturday, he could be heard playing songs by Ed Sheeran and Pink Floyd as well as a variety Christmas carols.

“I plan to be out here until it starts snowing,” said Dylan. “I play outside to get better, make some extra money and for people to notice. With Christmas coming up I’m also hoping to earn enough to buy some gifts for my family.”

His public performances started out with him just playing guitar, but recently Dylan saved enough for a keyboard amplifier. Saturday marked the first time he was equipped with a keyboard and guitar in front of 191 Main St. He also performed on Black Friday at Wareham Crossing. 

Getting outside to play has mostly been a positive experience, he said. Although at first Main Street business owners weren’t quite sure what to make of the young performer.

“I used to play in front of Minerva’s and they thought I was homeless,” said Dylan.

Dylan says he’s doing all right, but he is currently searching for some bandmates.

A former New Bedford resident, he moved to Wareham a few years ago where he lives with his grandparents. He said his grandfather got him started on drums. After that he couldn’t help but pick up more instruments.

He plans on playing for the public as long as he can his winter, and yes, Dylan says, he does take requests.