102 educators, residents urge ‘yes’ vote for new Wareham school

Oct 29, 2018

To the Editor:

We, the 102 residents who've signed this letter, ask you to vote “yes” on Question 4 in support of a new elementary school. We support Question 4 as Wareham taxpayers who want to see the state pay most of the costs for a new school. This is better than spending millions more to care for outdated, inefficient facilities. We know that a modern school will raise our property values and make our homes more valuable, and believe that there will not be another chance to do this again at such a low cost for our town.

As educators, we know that children should learn in buildings free of asbestos, mold, and lead. We know a modern classroom needs more than one outlet, that a bathroom shared between 19 classrooms is too much, and that art teachers shouldn't have to push a cart around the hallways with their supplies. This November is our chance to prepare our children for a better future in a school they deserve.

We’re proud to be neighbors of the children we care for, and residents of the town where we teach. We intend to vote “yes” on Question 4 to make our town as great as it can be, and hope you will join us.

To read the signatures, click on the link above.