‘Boo Boo’ the Bear spotted in Wareham

Jun 21, 2021

A black bear believed to be the same bear affectionately nicknamed “Boo Boo” by several nearby police departments has made an appearance in South Wareham, according to a Wareham Department of Natural Resources Facebook post.

The department emphasized that bear sightings in Wareham do not need to be reported to the Wareham Police or the Department of Natural Resources “unless it is a hazardous situation for you or for the bear.” So far, the department said the bear has been “very docile.”

“If you see a bear, do not approach it, attempt to scare it, or leave food out for it,” the post advised. 

To make your property less attractive to bears and keep you and your pets safe, the department recommends taking the following steps: remove bird feeders; secure all trash/recycling containers to discourage dumpster diving; clean/cover all grills; don't leave sweet treats outside; remove any outdoor pet food; avoid leaving pets outside alone in your yard; use a leash when walking your dog and tell your neighbors if you see the bear.

The post said Boo Boo has been seen in towns across the South Shore, including Kingston and Carver, and noted that the Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game will only attempt to relocate the bear if it is in danger.

Residents who encounter a bear that appears to be aggressive or in danger itself are encouraged to call 911 or the Wareham Police Emergency Communications Center by dialing 508-295-1212. 

“However, we assume that Boo Boo will most likely continue his town by town appearances and will find his way back towards wherever he came from,” the post concluded.