Wareham Gatemen

The Wareham Gatemen (2018 CCBL Champions) are part of the Cape Cod Baseball League, the nations premier-amateur summer league. Our purpose is to present a challenge and opportunity that will help mature young men into better baseball players. Not only are we committed to our players, we are also largely involved throughout our community.

Players get to experience living along the 54 breathtaking miles of coastline, playing baseball in refreshing ocean air, and enjoying the summer life style on the Cape. Our players live with host families who encourage them to work hard but have fun. As a team we are thankful and honored to have such support which allows our team to enjoy playing with top of the line equipment as well as professional elite coaching. So please, on behalf of all of us Gatemen, come enjoy and become part of the fantastic organization.

There is no primary location assigned to this affiliate.

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