Lloyd Center Annual Fund 2020

Oct 7, 2020

For thousands of South Coast students, the Lloyd Center for the Environment has been their only source of in-classroom naturalist visits and on-site field trips, but like many other local organizations, our program has been hit hard by the COVID-19 closures (see below). We’ve had to adapt to make sure that nature education doesn’t disappear from the lives of these children. Our education team swung into action, inventing teaching programs using Zoom and creating virtual field trips and presentations.

“The Education Team adapted to the turn in education last spring. Liz joined our Zoom call … and provided the students with closure of the Feathery Focus program. She personally engaged them virtually as she had done in person for years!” — 3rd Grade Teacher, Dartmouth Public Schools

But the schools have not been able to pay much for these programs. While we hope to get back into the classrooms soon, the date when that will happen is uncertain, and as a consequence our earned income has taken a big loss and our operating budget is tight.

We were so happy to hear the delightful sounds of children participating in our Summer Programs. With health and safety precautions in place, we offered small class sizes and a safe, masked environment. We already fill a unique environmental education niche in the area, but this year the children especially wanted the social interactions and the parents needed a break to tend to daily responsibilities.

“The Lloyd Center has been such an amazing educational and fun experience for my daughter for the past two years. She comes home excited to share everything she has learned that day and is beyond happy to return the next day ... It is a hands-on approach that uses all of your senses to keep kids engaged and excited about learning.” — 2020 Summer Program Parent

We are asking for your support during this critical time. We will put the funds to immediate use in many ways, including our new After School Programs. Please consider increasing your donation. We need your help to support these crucial programs.

On behalf of the students, thank you!


Kinnaird Howland, Co-Chair of the Board

Otto Schleinkofer Co-Chair of the Board



LLOYD CENTER RESEARCHERS HAVE BEEN ABLE TO CONTINUE TO: Monitor and manage Piping Plovers; Conduct Invertebrate surveys; Perform critical habitat assessments.

LLOYD CENTER EDUCATORS HAVE: Developed virtual field trips; Zoomed into classrooms to provide programming; Offered adapted Summer Programs (with reduced participant numbers); Piloted new After School Programs to help get students outside; Offered virtual teacher professional development workshops.

LLOYD CENTER OUTREACH: Developed a ‘virtual’ 35th Clambake with an online auction and take-out meals at The Back Eddy & Greasy Luck; Maintains our five miles of hiking trails so that visitors can enjoy getting “back to nature” during this difficult time.


The number of students in in-person programming in 2019 was 11,083. In 2020* the number of students decreased to 4,574.

The number of Summer Program students in 2019 was 815. In 2020* the number of students decreased to 63.

The number of students participating in Zoom programs or virtual field trips in 2019 was 0. The number of students increased in 2020* to 255.

The number of Outreach Participants in 2019 was 2,052. In 2020* the number decreased to 83.     

*As of September 30, 2020