Students of the month announced

Feb 3, 2021

Each month, Wareham Middle School celebrates some of its excellent students.

The fifth grade student of the month is Lucas Pittsley. His teachers describe him as kind, helpful, and motivated.

“Lucas is a curious student who wants to know more! He is supportive to peers and respectful to teachers,” said one teacher. “Lucas has made great strides this year and is willing to put in time and effort to his learning.”

“Lucas is a kind hearted student who is a good friend to his peers,” said another.

The sixth grade student of the month is Meadow Diede. Her teachers say she puts in full effort and has a positive attitude.

“Meadow is a polite, hardworking young lady who is conscientious and tries her best,” said one teacher.

“Meadow is a sweet, hardworking, conscientious student,” said another. “She completes all work with 100% effort and is respectful and friendly to her classmates.”

The seventh grader of the month is Marina Kouto. Her teachers say she is an exceptional, thoughtful and kind student who always “strives for perfection and has taken remote learning to a whole new level.”

“Marina is a very hard-working, respectful, model student. She always turns her camera on during zoom to at least say hi, which is appreciated,” said one teacher. “She strives to do her best on all of her work, and seems to be a little competitive, which I think helps to motivate some other students in the class, when we play games.”

“She is conscientious, academically minded, and a pleasure to have in class,” said another.