Neighbors’ communal garden visited by Garden Club

Aug 2, 2021

While the Wareham Garden Club hasn’t held official meetings over the summer — and hasn’t met in person in months — members have gathered at the start of each month to explore and admire gardens around town.

The last stop of the summer was the cul-de-sac at the end of Cory Drive, off Great Neck Road. 

The circle of land in the center of the cul-de-sac was initially maintained by a contractor who eventually stopped mowing the grass.

So Bob Powilatis, his late wife Joan, and neighbor Carla Wright took matters into their own hands.

Today, the large circle is divided by a footpath, and features two small seating areas, birdhouses, a hummingbird feeder and, of course, hundreds of flowers.

Powilatis said the garden is the result of “imagination, inspiration, ingenuity and hard work.”

He credited Wright with the vision and know-how that made the garden possible.

“She tells me what to do and I do it,” he joked.

For Wright, who also maintains gardens in her own yard, the community garden is a labor of love.

“You can tell I have a passion for flowers,” Wright said.

Both Wright and Powilatis identified the same section of the garden as their favorite. After Joan Powilatis passed away, they put together a small seating area around a pink drift rose bush in her honor — pink was Joan’s favorite color.

“It brings tears to my eyes,” Powilatis said.

He said the garden changes throughout the seasons — full of daffodils in spring, and a rotating selection of blooms through the summer.

The garden tours were club member Joyce Holster’s idea.

“I figured we needed to see each other’s gardens,” Holster said. “It’s been wicked fun.”

Each month’s tour has brought together a larger group of members — some of whom haven’t had the chance to attend a club meeting in person yet.

Holster said she hopes the tours become an annual tradition.

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