Lopes Park anticipates makeover

Jul 9, 2019

Wareham CORE, a non-profit organization working to support outdoor recreation in town, has big plans for Lopes Park.

The Lopes Field Playground was built more than 30 years ago. Over the past few years, town residents have been trying to raise funds for the renovation. Concerns about flooding had previously complicated the plans, which initially called for a rubberized surface across the playground.

The group hopes to renew the baseball diamond and surrounding area to visually improve the space and encourage regular use for practices, games, and tournaments. CORE is working with Wareham Little League and community volunteers to facilitate this part of the rehabilitation. 

New permanent bases will be installed and the fencing on the backstop will be replaced. Bleachers and benches will be added for spectators. Additional improvements may be possible depending on budget restrictions.

Several updates will be made to the pavilion. The roof will be replaced, the existing structure will be sanded and painted, and accessible entrances will be created for wheelchairs, walkers and strollers. 

CORE does not plan to replace or resurface basketball courts. The group’s maintenance committee will maintain the courts by sweeping or blowing away shells and debris weekly.

Municipal Maintenance will be demolishing the existing swings structure to install the playground that was removed from Minot Forest. The swing set will be replaced,and the Minot playground structure will be installed in a way that is conjunction with the existing playground. Accessible pathways will be created throughout, allowing ground access to all major areas of the playground for wheelchairs, walkers and strollers. The pea gravel will be replaced with engineered wood fiber for drop zone safety.

The existing parking lot will be paved. Pathways accessible to wheelchairs, walkers and strollers will be created throughout the park.

The current fencing will be replaced. The new pickets will be made of recycled milk bottles and have an extended warranty. 

The Wareham CORE committee also plans to install other features, including benches, picnic tables, a small garden area, and trees and bushes for shade and aesthetics. 

This project will be funded by Wareham CORE through donations, grants, and fundraising. 

The group may plan additional improvements in the future.

Because the park is town-owned, the group needs to receive approval from Town Administrator Derek Sullivan, along with a Memo of Understanding from the town before construction can begin.

For more information about Wareham CORE, go to www.facebook.com/warehamcore.