Kids unleash their creativity for dog park arts contest

Sep 3, 2020

Young artists wowed the judges during this summer’s Unleash the PAWsibilities Youth Visual & Literary Arts Contests, hosted by the Dog Park Affiliation of Wareham (DPAW).

The artists created works based on the theme “Animals, Our COVID Companions; Pets & wildlife bring comfort & joy during quarantine,” celebrating the positive impact that animals have on their lives every day.

Alexandria Wingo, 7; CH, 11; and Emilyann Schluter, 16, won the Visual Arts Contest. Stella LaRochelle, 9, and Gavin Schluter, 11, won the Literary Arts Contest.

Entries were submitted at no-contact sites, and a distanced celebration was held at the Decas School on August 28.
Anthi Frangiadis, Dianne Enzian, and John Cardinal judged the visual arts contest, and Mary Nyman, Marcia Hickey, and Gretchen Pyne judged the literary submissions.

Each winner received a trophy. Many local businesses donated prizes, so there was one for each entrant.

The visual & literary submissions will be on display at Wareham Center Post office for three weeks starting September 5. A gallery is also planned to play On Demand at Wareham Community Television.

Literary winners:

To Get To You
I’ll always remember the good times, and the bad times
I wish I could find you again. I’m running wild.
I cross the seven seas and the endless forest to get to you.
I ran across the deserts to get to you.

I’ll always be standing. No reason to give up.
I ran across Africa and heard the lion’s mighty roar.
To get… to… you.

As I skipped through the fields and the meadows
I could hear the stomping and trotting
of the horses behind me.

I’ll always be standing. No reason to give up.
I ran across Africa and heard the lion’s mighty roar.
To get… to… you.

Stella LaRochelle, 9
Literary Arts Contest winner

Bubble Bath
So I decided to bathe Bertha today. What a mistake!

Once I got her into the water Bertha jumped right at me out of the tub.

When she jumped out she managed to unplug the drain so the water was going out. It made a weird noise so she panicked and knocked the shampoo off the shelf.

Shampoo spilled everywhere; she even got some shampoo in my eyes!

My mom yelled, “What’s going on with all that noise?”

I yelled back, “Nothing!”

I finally captured Bertha in a towel to dry her off. Then she slips out of the towel and runs around shaking water everywhere! I chased her all around the bathroom before I caught her again.

Why don’t chickens like baths?!

Gavin Schluter, age 11
Literary Arts Contest winner