Bethany Chandler named Wareham Elementary School principal

Oct 19, 2021

Bethany Chandler, who currently serves as principal at the John W. Decas Elementary School, will become the sole principal of Wareham Elementary School when it opens next year.

Minot Forest Elementary School Principal Joan Seamans will step into a new role as a district administrator, according to an Oct. 14 post Seamans shared with the Minot Forest Elementary School Facebook group. 

“I look forward to visiting the new school and seeing the staff and students in their new classrooms,” Seamans wrote, sharing the news. 

In August, Superintendent Dr. Kimberly Shaver-Hood said the plan was to move forward with one principal at the new school, while the district’s other elementary school principal would transition into an administrative role. 

Commenters responded to Seamans’ post with a variety of well-wishes. 

“Congratulations on your new position, but you will be missed by many students and parents,” one person wrote.  

Another commented: “Glad for your new position, but sad to hear!”