Artist inspired by Onset views

Jul 12, 2020

On Saturday afternoon, an artist set up his easel and palette on the Onset bluffs and began sketching in the brilliant blue sky and ocean and a view of Wicket’s Island. 

Francisco Rivera Marrero is originally from Puerto Rico, and has a history painting landscapes and sets for movies -- including one for Amistad, the Steven Spielberg movie filmed in Puerto Rico. 

Now, he lives in Southbridge and works as a delivery driver — a job that takes him all across Massachusetts. 

It was his travels for work that first brought him to Onset, where he was struck by the beauty of the water and the houses: “What a beautiful place!”

Now, on the weekend, he and his wife drove the hour and a half from their home to Onset so he could work on two paintings: one of Wicket’s Island and one of the beach full of people.

“I see a beautiful scene, and I paint it,” he said. “It’s a wonderful place here.”

Marrero said that he hopes that whoever ends up buying the painting will also have a photo taken in the same place.

“It’s priceless, having a painting with a picture of where it was painted,” Marrero said. He thought that perhaps the painting would appeal to tourists who want to take a piece of their vacation home with them.

The paintings will be for sale at the Front Yard Gallery at 218 Onset Ave. To learn more about Marrero, go to his Spanish-language Youtube channel.