Don't Trash Wareham

Don't Trash Wareham (DTW) was organized four years ago by a group of citizens concerned with the amount of litter, trash and debris along our streets, in our parks and playgrounds, and on our beaches.

Each April, for Earth Day Weekend, DTW calls upon the citizens of Wareham go out into their community and collect the refuse. We have close to 450 volunteers now associated with our cleanups.

Each September and October, for CLEANSWEEP, an international beach cleaning program, we again ask our citizens to clean Little Harbor Beach, Swifts Beach, and the Onset and Shell Point Beaches. We work with the state to provide data of each item that is collected. This is part of an international database.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or learning more about our organization, please email

Most recent information can be found on our Facebook Page.

Our website is

Organizers: Nora Bicki, Mary Bruce, Judy Whiteside, Jaime Rehban, and Alan Slavin



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