Engraved Pickets are Being Installed at Lopes Playground

Sep 18, 2020

The progress continues at Lopes Playground!  Wareham CORE is pleased to announce the engraved pickets and fencing installation has begun and should be completed in the coming days.  With this installation Lopes updates are one step closer to completion.  The new equipment and accessible pathways are already being enjoyed by the community and additional renovations to the baseball diamond will soon be underway.  With the completion of the pickleball and tennis courts at Hammond, the near completion of the basketball courts at Hammond which are only awaiting the rim and backboard installation by the town, and now the extensive updates at Lopes Playground, Wareham CORE is one step closer to providing outdoor recreation for all community members.  Thanks to the many volunteers who have helped us accomplish these long awaited goals.  For more information please visit facebook.com/warehamcore.