Bassetts Island - No roads, No Cars

Aug 13, 2020

Fiddler crabs, seabirds, fish - kids will love the tide pools and try to catch the creatures … You’re gonna dig this place!


This island dates way back to the mid 1600’s when it was owned, along with virtually all of Pocasset and Cataumet by William Numuck. In 1708, William Bassett Sr. of Sandwich purchased half the island from Numuck and the island is now known as “Bassetts Island”.  The Gray brothers, Morris & Reginald, bought Barlows Landing so they could cross to the island where they built the first house, and Morris’ son inherited his father’s interest and built his own home - today there are only 6 private summer cottages.

Exploring the Cape is an adventure. So many marinas, coves, inlets, islands - great escapes! Take a boat ride over between Pocasset Harbor and Scraggy Neck and Wings Neck and you’ll find great swimming, fishing, and exploring on over a mile of beach. Hen Cove, Patuisset Island, Monument Beach, Barlows Landing are also popular beaches with residents and visitors alike

Exploring Bassetts Island is no exception. Families looking for a place for the kiddies to splash around in calm waters, look for shells, dig in sand on the shallow sand flats or just remain on your boat, socialize with your fellow boaters and enjoy a cold one.  Over a mile of beach to enjoy and the water sparkles! Soak it all in! 

Bassetts is a cleat-shaped island, very popular with boaters - they raft up together along the mile long sandy beach and play all day. It is also the only way to access this island. No roads, no cars! Be prepared to enjoy the sounds of nature on this 80-acre island. Hike the island - be respectful of the residents' private property. The town beach is public and there is a trail to follow to the picnic area that offers stunning views all around.

Digi-Kn?w: William Numuck was a Wampanoag who owned a vast majority of Cape Cod and sold his land to farmers and shipbuilders